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New Style for A Return to Elegance

Hello, lovely ladies and gentlemen! I hope you've been keeping well and have been enjoying a beautiful spring.

Much has been happening in my little corner of the world, and this had kept me from blogging here regularly. I thought, frankly, that no one cared about "a return to elegance" and all that it means to me - the intersection of faith, culture, and style. Then, I began to see some emails, comments, and numbers flowing into my Facebook page for this blog as well as to the site. What a surprise! It seems as if we are all hungering for a return to elegance.

I know that I am, and it's not just about fashion. A trip to Wal-Mart (our largest grocery store here in rural America) requires more metaphorical eye-bleach than I can keep on hand to wipe the images of slovenly shoppers out of my mind. Now I am not picking on anyone or any store in particular. However, when you cannot even muster the energy to change into actual clothing to go shopping for your milk and brea…

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