Coming Soon: Modest Fashion Photos

...of my outfits.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do the old picture-thing. I felt like it was, I don't know, bragging? Not very modest? But I also know that I enjoy seeing other women's clothing choices and style. I like following fashion blogs. And part of why I decided to go this skirt and dress-wearing route was because I saw that, quite simply, a woman could look modest, elegant AND fashionable in modern dress. I didn't need to look frumpy or wear denim jumpers all the time (I've got to stop poking fun at the denim-jumper set.)

But here's the problem. I don't have a full length mirror in the house. I also don't want to populate the internet with photos of moi.

I felt a little squeamish about it too. I wasn't sure why. I ran it by an online group of women I belong to who are also dedicated to modest fashion from a Catholic perspective. They were overwhelmingly positive - "Do it! Show by example!" Most said that images inspired them, and felt they would be inspirational for others.

Okay, so no selfies...yes to sharing modest fashion...I can do this. I think.

So my solution is simple: clothes hanging on the back of the door. Picture. Voila!  And I can even photograph my outfits so when I whine, "I have nothing to wear...." well, I can just take out the pictures and SEE clearly that yes, I've got something to wear!

The whole skirt-wearing thing is going well, so well that it's starting to feel natural. I wish some of the new clothes I ordered would get here, though. I've been doing laundry more frequently so that my go-to denim skirt is washed. It's the one I feel most comfortable in when I go out shopping or running errands.

Today I am wearing my bright pink t-shirt from Wal-Mart with a matching tie-dyed maxi skirt that goes down to my ankles. It's comfortable, washable and fashionable. Paired with white low-cut sneakers, it's an easy outfit for a day spent hard at work in the office. I was able to run outside and help my husband in the garden for half an hour moving wheelbarrows of mulch back and forth before returning to office work without worrying about getting dirty or stained, and I was comfortable, too.

Until I get around to photographing my outfits, I'll keep sharing pictures that are okay to share (i.e., part of my Amazon account, or from Polyvore).

Until then - cheers!