Day Three, and I Thought My Husband Would Faint

Day 3 of challenging myself to wear only skirts and dresses....and I thought my husband would faint.

I'd just finished getting dressed when the mail carrier's car horn honked from the driveway. I ran downstairs, yelled to my husband, "I'll get it," and ran out meet the mailman. I could tell by the impatient way he honked that it was the man we nicknamed Ginger Moustache. We have three regular mail carriers, Peggy, Crystal and Ginger Moustache. Ginger Moustache reminds me of the crazy mailman from the Chevy Chase movie Funny Farm. He drives like him, stuffs our mail unceremoniously into the country mailbox, and barrels out of our driveway scattering cats as he goes.

Ginger Moustache brought a package from my eldest sister and my godmother, Mary. A birthday present! I unwrapped it to find a cat garden statue. I love, love it! It is inscribed with the Japanese symbol for independence. Perfect. I loved the timing of the present, too. Because isn't independence about being yourself? And isn't wearing dresses and skirts a statement today of independent thought? When the whole world thinks you're crazy, then you're being independent!

Anyway, I placed the smiling Buddha Zen cat sculpture near the welcome sign by the walkway to the house. He's opposite my little state of St. Francis of Assissi. The angel who graces the other side of the walkway has to come out from her winter quarters this weekend, and then my statues are all set for the season.

I walked over to the garage to throw away the wrapping from the box and show Hubby the card that came with the statue when I realized his eyes were sort of popping out of his head.  He looked confused, pleased and puzzled all at the same time.

"Like my outfit?"

He hesitated, then beamed. "Sure!"  That's about as positive as he ever gets.

I'm wearing a comfy outfit today.  Two tops from Old Navy, layered, in shades of blue; earrings my friend Sharon Mossy made for me; a black, below the knee corduroy A-line skirt from Dress Barn; Wal-Mart black tights; and my favorite knee-high boots.  I may need to change before heading out to Holy Thursday Mass and Eucharistic Adoration tonight simply because the skirt tends to pick up every fluffer and bit of cat hair in the house, but I could just as easily greet Ginger Moustache and sign for a package in this outfit as I could head out to church.

My husband has seen me go through "I'm dressing like a Catholic lady" phases before, and I think I've disappointed him. It's hard to write that, but it's true. I always revert back to my old "uniform" of Levis, t-shirt in summer, sweater in winter, and sneakers.  I'm determined though that this time, I'm going for it.  I'm really surprised by how comfortable it is; and even more so by the fact that it's really not that hard. I do need to buy more winter outfits, but I just ordered two church dresses, one comfortable summer dress, and another black denim skirt. With that and the clothes already in my closet, I'm set through October, I think.

I hope I don't disappoint my husband again. He's a wonderful man, and he appreciates my intelligence, my humor and my kindness (he's told me so; I'm not bragging). I think he appreciates more the fact that I am making an effort to return to elegance in our household, to be different and follow my heart.

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