Day Two of Wearing Only Skirts and It's Freezing

God, the universe, or just plain luck is having a good laugh at my expense. It's day 2 of my self-proclaimed "I'm going to dress like a woman if it kills me" and wearing only skirts and guess what?

It's freaking COLD outside.

I'm not fond of wearing skirts in cold weather, which is one reason why until now I haven't taken the plunge of wearing only skirts or dresses.  Part of this hearkens back to my Catholic school days. We wore a plaid uniform skirt and knee socks, and I had to walk about a mile to school. In the cold, in the snow, in the freezing rain. My parents didn't believe in coddling us with rides to school. So I froze. My legs froze. My knees froze. Polyester skirts don't do anything to keep you warm.

For a while in 5th grade, I wore slacks under my skirts to walk to and from school. I had to slip them off in the hallway, from under my skirt. It's trickier than it sounds but modest.

Thank God for the 1980s and leg warmers. By eight grade, leg warmers were all the rage, and my sister bought me a thick pair of cream-colored leg warmers with musical notes on them and a pair with shiny gold sparkly threads in it. They were great.

Now it's 2014 and it's supposed to be spring. Yesterday's skirt adventure went fine. The morning dawned warm and bright, and on went my new 'uniform' - denim skirt (calf-length, with big comfy pockets, purchased from Modest Apparel USA and made in the USA - great product), t-shirt from Wal-Mart, and white Mary Jane sneakers from the Lane Bryant online store.

The day started pouring rain, and my noon the temperatures began dropping. By the time my husband and I headed out to celebrate my birthday at Charley's Waterfront Cafe, my favorite restaurant, it was 40 degrees! It went from 70 to 40 in one afternoon. Welcome to spring in Virginia....

I changed the t-shirt to a long-sleeved red blouse, threw on a pair of black tights and black boots, and was a little chilly but okay. The skirt went into the wash last night.  This morning, it was 35 degrees.  Apparel choices? Long gray corduroy skirt from Chadwicks of Boston, navy blue sweater from LL Bean layered over a navy Wal-Mart t-shirt, argyle socks (because I love argyle and have a thing for it), and black ankle boots. I also threw on a short scarf, dark green, for the heck of it.

I'm comfy. I have to admit it. My legs are a wee bit cold. I had to go outside for a photo shoot, and was outside in the 40 degree damp chill for at least half an hour. But all in all, I'm comfortable. My clothes are picking up a tremendous amount of cat hair and lint, but I'm seeing it as my impetus for better house keeping, which is another of my resolutions for this year of femininity and a return to elegance.

Wearing skirts is, so far, working out.  Comfort is my number one priority, with fashion and appearance, second. And yeah, modest, Biblical womanhood and femininity. I promised I wouldn't go all Bible-thumping on you and I mean to keep my promise, but I do think there is something to dressing like a woman that makes you feel a little better about yourself.  Do I think you can do it in pants? Yup.  And I also want to reiterate - it's a personal choice. My choice is to try this experiment and embrace my Catholic, ladylike heritage, and see where it leads this year.

Last night, we were watching TCM.  For those who don't recognize the acronym, it's Turner Classic Movies, the BEST TV channel for those seeking a return to elegance. Last night's movie was the 1963 classic "Bye, Bye, Birdie", and while it seems sort of like a cheesy Elvis Movie, there was one song "How Lovely to Be a Woman" that I thought really summed up my feelings about this fashion experiment I'm into right now.

When I was growing up, it was NOT lovely to be a woman. Being more masculine, thanks to the feminists, was what was expected of us girls. And to an extent, that was a good thing: we were encourage to participate in sports, encouraged to think, encouraged to enter careers. All good.

However, I never "got" the female trappings of life. Listening to this video last night, I suddenly realized that it is okay to embrace my girly side...while still being the smart business woman I am.

Until next time, happy winter in spring....and here's to WARM corduroy skirts.