Did You Ever Think I'd Get Excited About...Cleaning Kits?

I've officially entered middle age.

My husband gave me a gift of a cleaning kit, and not only did he live another day...I loved it.

Here's the gift - it's called the High Reach Cleaning Kit

Our home has an entrance hallway with a very high Cathedral ceiling. There's an oval window at the front of the house and a chandelier hanging in the entrance hallway.  We have one ladder - a rickety wooden ladder that I hate. I also have a thing for heights. As in, anything higher than standing on a kitchen chair and a get seriously light-headed.

We didn't plan very well.

Oh, okay. So on any given day, what does it matter? Well, over the seven years we have lived here, spiders have had a field day spinning webs on the beautiful oval window that lets natural light into the entrance way. Big, thick cobwebs hung from the window, which I could see every time I walked downstairs...and since my office is upstairs, and the kitchen where I brew endless cups of writer's block tea (brewing tea is great when you don't want to work on something), I saw those darned cobwebs about a zillion times a day.

If the chandelier hadn't broken and fallen from the ceiling in the middle of the night several years ago, the cobwebs would have been worse. That's another story for another day...

Anyhow, after using a broom, standing on a chair, and generally making disparaging remarks about spiders, hubby spied the kit in the improvements catalog. We ordered it.

It's like...cleaning magic.

He got down the cobwebs, and then some. I cleaned ceilings. I cleaned baseboards without hurting my back. I cleaned the ceiling fans! Gone the whirlagig of pollen spinning dust and pollen back into the rooms to make us sneeze. Hurray!

Elegance means good house keeping. In lieu of hiring a maid, I'm all for looking for time-savers.  This kit gets a thumbs up.

This review is my own opinion...not a paid endorsement...just random thoughts....

Today's Ladylike Outfit

I'm totally dressed for cleaning today and plan to tackle housework later. Brown Shaker knit sweater over a denim pencil skirt, sneakers and blue socks with brown cats cavorting on them. Hurray for denim. I'm off to scrub trash cans, vacuum, and swab out the bathroom. Cleanliness is elegance, y'all!

A Blessed Good Friday to you.