Full Skirts or Full Length Skirts?

I was perusing Amazon today and saw an ad for "full" skirts. I thought, "Oh, that one looks pretty!" and clicked on the picture of the pretty, knee-length floral skirt. Never mind that it was $200...which is 10X more than I paid for my prom dress and just a little less than I paid for my wedding dress. It was the list of so-called "full" skirts under it that made me shake my head in frustration.

When I see a link called "full" skirts, I think "full" as in "covering me".  Past the knee, A-line, with a little more material to cover my ample, middle aged butt.

What I saw instead on the page were "full" skirts that looked like big bubbles on tiny stick like models.

This skirt is beautiful, but $248 worth of beautiful? What do you think? (Image used under Amazon Affiliate license).

Who the heck decides these fashions? Some sick person who thinks a lollipop looks good?

The last time I wore a mini skirt, I was 19.  I had a navy blue twill skirt that I loved. The hemline ended somewhere above my knees. I had a skirt and sweater set around them that I loved too, all bronze and black stripes and stretchy material that made it give a little. Somewhere around age 22, I retired short skirts and short-shorts for longer hemlines. I love the sweep of a long, full skirt; I love the fact that I can wear flats with it or heels, sandals or sneakers.

Full skirts? If I'm going to look like a lollipop with a weird big bulbous middle, no thanks. If you're talking full sweeping skirts, like the beautiful skirts of the early 1990s, prairie prints and all, or even a beautiful Maxi skirt, them I'm with you.

Below, $14 Maxi skirt by Wet Seal...available from Amazon. Yeah, I could go for that. 

Would you wear a "full" skirt like the top one? Do you have to be thin to pull it off?

What do you think?