Here's a Quick Way to Add Elegance to Your Day

Tea. Not a quick cup brewed in the microwave, but a cup of tea brewed in your favorite china and sipped for a few moments to savor it.

Photo by MC Connors and used under the Morguefile license.

I used to think that making a cup of tea took soooo much time.

So, being the daughter of an engineer, what did I do?

I measured it.

I timed making a cup of tea against waiting for a pot of coffee to brew. The results? It takes the same amount of time.

There's something uniquely soothing about the ritual of making tea.  I haven't even delved into the ritual of making a "proper" pot of tea, which in and of itself is a beautiful and elegant ritual.

No, I'm just talking about the simple action of brewing a cup of tea in your favorite china mug or tea cup.  

Try it. Instead of making a quick cup, get out your favorite mug or - gasp - your wedding china. You know the set I'm talking about. The one you never use because it's "too good" for every day use.  What the heck are you saving it for, your funeral feast? You won't be there to enjoy it. So use it now.

Clean the cup. Heat the water. Choose the tea. Allow it to seep for two minutes. Then fix your tea as you like it, find your comfortable chair, and settle back. Sip. Savor. 

Elegance is savored, never rushed.  Adding this simple ritual to your day adds a tiny touch of elegance. Slowing down quiets the mind. Brewing a cup of tea like this is really an easy way to add elegance to the day.