Modest Underwear for Teen Girls

Age-appropriate fashion. How do you react to that phrase? Do you hate it? Love it? Wonder what it means?

Years ago, women dressed in age-appropriate fashions. Girls, teens and young women dressed in certain fashions, but once you were married and a mother, that changed. Grandmothers didn't dress like their grand daughters, and vice versa.

Now I'm not about rules.  I am, however, all about common sense.

And common sense says that selling overly sexualized bras to teens and pre-teens is just stupid.

I don't have children, but I've heard from friends who are the mothers of young girls how difficult it is to buy them underwear. It's either childish, for the young kiddos, or overly sexual - we're talking Victoria's Secret lace and push up bras and what not. For girls as young as 12.

Let's return to elegance, and common sense. A young girl, realizing the situation, took action and started her own company called Yellowberry. How cool is that? She hated the fashions she saw at the mall and realized that her younger sisters and friends hated them, too. So she started her own lingerie company!

Here's an article on Yellowberry. I think it's fantastic that this youngster is already an entrepreneur. You go, girl!