Mea Culpa

Apologies for my last post. Serves me right for writing it late in the day when I was both tired and cranky. I wish grownup life came with mandatory time-outs and a fairy godmother to identify when I've got my cranky hat on, but so be it. I was too snarky and too rambly for myself that day.

To be honest, I'm also still feeling my way around this blog. Is it really about a return to elegance, or something deeper? I'm feeling like it's about something deeper than mere elegance. Elegance in and of itself is a passion of mine, but there's so much that gets wrapped into it.

Have you ever read books by Alexandra Stoddard? I've always liked her writing better than Martha Stewart's. Martha always seemed a little too over the top to me, even during the early 1990s when I was a fan of her crafts and ideas. Alexandra Stoddard, on the other hand, seems to write more about elegance from the balanced, overall perspective that I'm striving for.

Clothing is a huge part of this return to elegance. Make no mistake about it - what we wear tells the world quite a lot, both about how we view ourselves and how we treat other people.

But other things like how we run our households, how we host guests, how we feed our families, and even how we take care of ourselves all blends together in my head to form this return to elegance.