Modest Skirts for Sports

What do you do if you want to dress femininely and modestly, but you also love the great outdoors? Hiking, white water rafting, canoeing, bicycling...all of these activities bring to mind shorts and flip-flops, don't they?

Not so fast. A company called Macabi has come up with an ingenious solution. It's a long, modest skirt that can be snapped into loose trousers or even into shorts. Their website offers photos showing the various lengths and changes you can make in the skirt. The skirts look comfortable and modest, and have deep pockets - another great find on women's clothing! I don't know about you, but I love having pockets in my skirts. It makes it easier to slip my car keys into my pocket, a handkerchief or even my change at the grocery store.

The skirts were originally invented for travelers so that women could be dressed in culturally appropriate fashions, yet still feel comfortable. The skirts can be washed in hotel rooms and dried overnight, another plus, especially for women who enjoy adventure travel. I imagine someone hiking the Andes to visit the ancient sites, then heading down into the town for an evening meal. You don't want to stand out like a tourist, and you don't want to offend local people by wearing something culturally inappropriate. These long skirts would do the trick, and then when you want to do more active sports, tuck and snap them into place as trousers

I have not bought one so I can't attest to their comfort or fit. But they do look interesting and an elegant was to enjoy your sports...dressed modestly!