Tea Length Skirts Are Back!

Oooh! Retro glam! Grace Kelly, 1950s tea-length skirts are BACK! I haven't been this excited about fashion since the 1980s when the last 1950s rockabilly trend rolled around.

Here is a link to the look. I like this website, Fabulous After 40, for their style trends.

I think tea-length skirts are forgiving for us older gals. First of all, they extend to mid-calf, which on most women is a good look. They are A-line, which means they skim the hips...another plus for older women who may have put on a tad bit more weight than they prefer. The modern look, with bolder colors, will help make it a "today" look rather than feel like you are wearing a costume.

Usually it takes a season or two for high-end brands such as those cited in the article to trickle down to ready-to-wear. I look forward to finding these fashions in my favorite catalogs and retail stores.