Choosing Flattering Modest Dresses

The interview with Dr. Linda P, author of "The Lost Art of Dress", gave me the idea to try to find outfits that follow the principles outlined by the Dress Doctors. I found these outfits on Jen Modest Clothing. They have some wonderful looks in their summer collection. They kindly gave me permission to share the images with you. Links to each outfit are underneath.

This look features a flattering A-line skirt with polka dots on a bright green background. The skirt is machine washable (yay!), a little below the knee, and a comfortable lightweight polyester.  Personally, I love the length of the hemline on this. The whole silhouette is very flattering.  Full Mid-Length Modest Skirt, $44.99, Jen Modest Clothing.

The Dress Doctors would have approved of the blouse, I think. It's a modest chiffon blouse in white with a loose fit so it's not too clingy, and a bow to add interest near the face. That was one of the tips Dr. Linda P gave during her interview from her research into fashion among the various time periods, and it's great advice!  Modest Chiffon Blouse, $34.99, Jen Modest Clothing.

I'd accessorize this outfit with a locket necklace, hoop earrings and kitten heels.

How many times have you heard "modest is boring?" Look at the dress above. How can that creation be boring??? It's beautiful! The grayed blue color would flatter most skin tones, and the scalloped hemline with the white pleats? Adorable! I love the belt, too, because it's unexpected...a little pink touch to brighten the outfit. Belts are immediately slimming and create a fashionable, flattering feminine fit.  $64.99, Shelley Dress at Jen Clothing.

Thank you to the ladies at Jen Modest Clothing for giving me permission to share images from your website with my readers. I'll be back for more!