Easy Nail Wraps from Jamberry Nails

Yes, my hand...my nails...at least SOME part of me is thin.

I love the elegance of beautiful manicured nails. I keep my nails short - typing all day and hobbies that include gardening and playing piano necessitate short nails - but I do love to keep them beautifully painted. But, because of those hobbies, I have a tough time making nail polish last. I wear gloves while gardening, use a top coat, you name it, but my nails still chip. And I can't stand chipped polish. After a day or two with chips. I'm ready to whip out the lemon-scented nail polish remover and call the whole thing off.

So when my friend Ruth invited me into her Facebook group for a new product she represented called Jamberry Nails, I was interested. I've never had a salon nail wrap so I wasn't sure about these products at first. But Ruth sent me a sample kit, and last night I tried one of the wraps as part of the Jamberry 7-Day Challenge. You can see for yourself the results, above.

The nail wrap was super easy to apply. I'm all thumbs with these kinds of things, and can't even cut a straight line when I try to cut out fabric. The instructions were simple and the sample kit included everything I needed to test them out.

You do need a heat source to warm up the wraps prior to application and to make them adhere to your fingernails once you've applied them. I used a Conair hair dryer set on high heat and a pair of metal tweezers to hold the wrap during heating. My fingers got a little too hot but it only took a few seconds to heat the wrap, apply it, smooth it with the wooden orange stick the company sent with the samples, and then heat the finished wrap on my nail. I used cuticle scissors to trim it but I did accidentally but some of it over my cuticle. The company says that's not harmful, but the nail wrap may lift faster. We'll see.

In the meantime, I am testing it against nail polish from Milani. Milani cosmetics are available from CVS. They offer low prices and nice cosmetics, although the colors are limited (at least in my local CVS). I applied  base coat, two coats of Milani polish, and a clear top coat sealer to the rest of my nails. This is typically how I complete a manicure, and my polish usually stays chip-free for 3 days or so.

Jamberry Nails looks like it will be a fun product.  Since I am participating in the company's 7-Day challenge, I'll take pictures again at Day 7 to show you how they held up against typical nail polish.

For more on Jamberry Nails, visit Ruth's Jamberry Nails page.

I do not earn any money on this post. I received a free product sample from Ruth.