Flattering Colors for Older Women, and One Color NEVER to Wear

One of the things that surprised me in the book The Lost Art of Dress is the wisdom on choosing colors. I love the whole "Color Me Beautiful" thing from the 1980s and 1990s, and have had my colors "done" twice. But like many women, my "seasons" according to the Color Me Beautiful experts came out quite differently each time I had my colors chosen! In fact, I was marked as a Spring the first time I had my colors matched, a Summer the second time around. Go figure.

The Dress Doctors of the past would have scoffed at seasonal colors. Instead, they recommended flattering shades for women based on age and hair color. That makes sense. I'm finding that colors I wore easily when I was younger seem less flattering now. More vibrant colors seem to suit me better.

But you know what color the Dress Doctors thought women should NEVER wear?


Amazing, isn't it? We hear all about the "little black dress" and black is touted as a slimming color. Yet the Dress Doctors thought that black was not an elegant color at all! Instead, they recommended rich shades of navy or burgundy as flattering colors.

Here is an excerpt from the book the Lost Art of Dress. The except was provided by the media person who sent me the interview information:

The 4 Best Colors for Older Women, and the 1 Color They Should NEVER Wear

Two things usually happen to our complexions as we age. As women move beyond the first bloom of youth, their natural coloring starts to lose its brilliancy. Wearing pure, bright colors will only make us look more faded in comparison. The 4 best colors allow our remaining color to continue to glow:

·       Dark blue
·       Dark blue-greens
·       Dark reds, like burgundy 
·       Warm browns, like chestnut

This shrug adds color and modesty. 

And the 1 color to NEVER wear:


In the same way that we lose color, the small marks of years of laughter and thought (and worry) begin to appear around the eyes and mouth. Black near the face emphasizes the appearance of these shadows. If you own too much black to dump it all, take heart. Black kept far from the face does much less harm. Décolleté allows the skin of your neck and shoulders to frame your face instead. Glowing jewels and soft scarves at the neck of a black dress will bring richer and more flattering colors closer to your face.