DKNY Launches Modest Dress Collection

DKNY, one of my favorite fashion brands, has launched a modest dress collection. It's called Ramadan Summer. Why do they always assume that only Muslim women want to look fashionable and modest? Hey, this Christian gal wants that too!

Unfortunately, there's nothing here under $200, but the clothes...the dresses...exquisite!

Shop the collection at Mode-sty.

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New DKNY dress - linked from Mode-sty website.

The Jamberry Nail Challenge Results

As you may recall, my friend Ruth is selling Jamberry Nail products. She very kindly mailed me a sample of these easy-to-use nail wraps. I decided to take the "Jamberry Nail" challenge and put the wraps on two fingers, and paint the rest as I typically do with standard nail polish.

Here's the start of the challenge...

But I don't have any photos of the finish. Why? Because I couldn't stand it any longer and peeled off one of the nail wraps before I could photograph them!

Here's how they lasted through the week compared to nail polish.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

  • I applied two Jamberry Nail wraps, one to the pinky of each hand as shown above. 
  • I applied Brucci brand base coat, two coats of Milani nail polish, and one coat of Sally Handsen "No Chip" top coat to the other nails.

Now, before I tell you the results, let me give you a peek into my week.

Sunday night: I'm all excited to give myself a manicure. It's hard to find the time to perform even this simple tasks, but I make time. I pop a movie into the DVD player, settle in, and manicure my nails. Success! I feel like a princess!

  • Monday: The nail wrap is bothering me. I check the instructions and realize I'd accidentally cut it too large and it covered my cuticle. It made my fingers feel like I had band-aids on them. I used cuticle scissors to snip the edges off from around my skin. It worked. They feel better. No chips to the nail polish yet.
  • Tuesday: Office work, followed by the SPCA benefit dinner on Tuesday night. Nails still looking good.
  • Wednesday: Office work, then I clean two bathrooms, do two loads of laundry, and weed the vegetable garden. I find a pool of water in the bottom of the dishwasher that's not supposed to be there. It seems that when I last ran it, it didn't finish pumping out all the water. The manual is no help. "Call repair" should not be the answer to every problem listed in a user's manual for an appliance. I am now washing dishes by hand and suppressing an urge to kick the dishwasher. Manicure still looks okay but now the edges of the nail wrap feel rough. I use an emory board to smooth them.
  • Thursday: Office work, followed by cleaning the house. Small chips in the nail polish. Then I decide to weed the potato bed in the vegetable garden. I am wearing gardening gloves but it doesn't matter. Dirt, everywhere. It gets into the gloves. My nails look black, and I scrub and scrub with the nail brush. Polish is okay except for a tiny chip but the nail wraps now have an ugly gray grimy spot on the edge where I trimmed them away from my cuticles. I'm guessing garden dirty stuck to the wrap edge.
  • Friday:  Fourth of July! Hurray! Well, it's fun in the garden until it's time to fix the dishwasher. I find a video on YouTube showing us how to take apart the dishwasher to clean the traps, which I think is the problem with it.  The manufacturer's website is about as helpful as the manual. "Call repair" is not the answer I'm looking for - thanks, but I could have figured that one out for myself.  I pick more blackberries from the farm while I wait for hubby to finish his chores so we can tackle the Dishwasher Demon together. I have to use my bare hands to pick berries because the garden gloves are too unwieldy to use. Now my fingers are stained with blackberry juice. The nail wraps do not stain!  But then...the Dishwasher from Hell. I can't find my rubber gloves so I use my bare hands. I use a disposable plastic cup to scoop out the dirty water form the bottom. My husband is struggling to take apart the dishwasher and we are both snapping at each other and arguing over which sponge to use to clean up the water. This isn't pretty. We can't get all the parts out. I end up sticking my bare hand down the drain inside the dishwasher to see if there's a block. Take that, manicure! If you survive this, you can survive anything. I find broken chips of glass and dishes in there. Maybe that's what caused the block and made the water pool instead of pump out. We put the parts back in and end up with a mystery washer that doesn't fit anything. We run the dishwasher and the water pumps out. Success!
  • Saturday: Don't celebrate too soon. Now we have a leak under the dishwasher and into the basement. A small one, but a leak nonetheless. Dishwasher is off limits until we can figure out what's wrong now. Maybe we should have called a repairman. My manicure is starting to look really bad. Oh well, go for broke. I cut the lawn, I weed the garden, I sand a rocking chair. Right hand has chipped nail polish. There's an ugly dirt ring around the Jamberry nail wrap. I can 9 pints of beets and wash umpteen loads of dishes by hand because the dishwasher is still broken.
  • Sunday:  Church. Photo shoot at a private home for photos to accompany a magazine article, then a photo shoot of my home town, hoping to get enough pictures for an exhibition this fall or winter. Back home, change clothes, manicure is driving me nuts!!! I sit down at the computer to download the photos and go over them and I can feel the damned nail wrap. I can feel it. FEEL IT. Like a band aid that's gotten gritty. I can't stand it. The edges are peeling back and I pop one off. Ah, sweet relief. Well, I can't go around like the second wrap comes off. Then I remove the nail polish. Oh, shoot, I was supposed to photograph them at Day 7. Ugh. The photographer forgets to photograph her nails. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. I can five half-pints of wild blackberry jam, make a yummy pan of cornbread, wash umpteen loads of dishes again and call it a night. 

So there you have it, my week with Jamberry Nails, Milani nailpolish and the Dishwasher from Hell.

Would I use Jamberry Nail wraps again? Yes, absolutely. I'd wear them for a special occasion for sure. They are very pretty, they didn't stain even under the toughest conditions (edges excluded - I don't think it's fair to test that since I snipped it again AFTER it was on my nails, so the edges weren't fully pressed down), and they were easy to apply.

On the negative side, I am like the old story of the Princess and the Pea....I could "feel" the nail wraps. You're not supposed to. But then again, I'm overly sensitive to things like that, so it could just be me. They are also a little expensive for my budget. $15 for a set of wraps is a good price when you can get two manicures out of them, but for nail products, it's going to be an infrequent indulgence.

I do think they are worth trying if you love the look of wraps but don't have the time or money to have them professionally done at the salon. Jamberry makes a good product, and if I do go for nail wraps again, they are first on my list.

(Note: I received a free set from Jamberry Nails wrap associate Ruth Shirk. You can order from Ruth's website if you want to test them yourself.)