Wear to Wear Modest Professional Fashion for the C Suite

coats by brenda-archer on polyvore.com

I'd probably kill myself trying to walk in those heels, but this outfit is so elegant, so stylish, and screaming CEO that I had to share it using the Polyvore hot link code. Gorgeous, stylish, and just screams class, taste and elegance. Okay, so some of these pieces probably cost your year's salary (and mine) but...you can find pieces similar to this, I think.

I would change up the accessories and use either a bright pink, scarlet or bright blue to jazz it up. Although the gray and black make a statement, unless you're in Manhattan, too much gray and black can make you look like you're heading towards a funeral.

Dress Doctor Principles
A few months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Linda Przybyszewski on her book, The Lost Art of Dress. This outfit made me think of many of those principles of timeless elegance espoused by The Dress Doctors. They would approve of the nice vertical lines, the slight shaping at the waist created by two related colors, and the understated elegance of the accessories. I think they would suggest adding a belt and perhaps softening the look with a scarf - or maybe that's my take on it.

Many years ago, fashion pundits used to counsel young people to dress for the position above them - in other words, dress aspirationally, not for where you are today in the corporate ladder but where you want to be. This is an outfit that would instantly set up and coming execs apart from other junior level managers and workers for sure.