Modesty Is What's Inside You

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Modesty Misunderstood is a great article, and I hope you take a moment to read it. Recently, a woman wrote an article about why she is giving up leggings for the sake of modesty. She wasn't scolding anyone; just making a point about why she chose to give up leggings. You would have thought she was asking women to give up their right to vote for the backlash she received.

The author of this piece is an Orthodox Jew, and she's clear about her reasons for dressing the way she does, covering her hair, and making lifestyle choices to support modesty. Because at the end of the day, she's right. Modesty isn't about you, or what YOU think about me and the way I dress; it's about letting my personality shine through so that clothing enhances rather than detracts. It's not about what men think so much as what I think about myself and my relationship with men and God. 

Really enjoyed the article. Link is above. I hope you enjoy it, too!