The Closet Purge Has Begin

The great closet purge of 2015 has begun, and I'm already feeling like I am making some progress. I decided that in 2015, I would focus on renewal of my personal appearance. Not a makeover exactly; I had a makeover back in 1994, when the whole "Color Me Beautiful" trend was fading, and it helped enormously, but I feel like I've matured since then. My closet, however, was a mess - a mish mash of unmatched clothing, three different sizes, clothes and shoes kept for sentimental reasons, and clothes that no longer fit my lifestyle.

When I stand in front of my closet in the morning, I always felt as if I had nothing to wear even though I had so many clothes they were falling off the hangers and onto the floor. Have you ever felt that way? Apparently, it's a common feeling among women who have made a lot of impulse purchases. I seem to have fallen into that category, only for me it is better described as someone who buys only on sale. I've tried to be very frugal since leaving my corporate job several years ago, but there's a limit to frugality. One of my 'frugal' purchases several years ago was a silky rayon blouse in a dove gray color that I thought looked quite beautiful. Okay, so it was one size too large; more modest that way, I told myself. I wore it to church one Sunday with a long black maxi skirt and black flats and thought I looked quite chic....until the visiting priest mistakenly assumed I was a nun. When the priest assumes you're a nun, you're dressing a wee bit too conservatively, no?

I look at my clothes closet and it is like a stranger lives here. Who is this woman who wears these dull clothes, these skirts that graze the ankle, who has old lady orthopedic looking Mary Janes and sneakers? What happened to my beautiful blouse with all the spring like colors in it, the periwinkle blue shirt dress my husband loved, or the mint green dress I wore on Easter Sunday? What happened to color, fun and elegance? 

That Easter Sunday was over 20 years ago, and the periwinkle was retired to the rag bag when it was stained, but the major problem lately has been finding both flattering clothing for my figure and deciding what to buy, and what to wait to buy, until I finish my weight loss journey.

What have I purged from my closet? Mostly clothing that no longer fits my body or my lifestyle. Career clothes that never fit or looked right, impulse buys like the gray blouse that made me look like a nun. Tank tops, shorts and slacks that I no longer wear. I also culled and threw out a favorite pair of high heels with a broken heel that's no worth repairing (the shoes are over 20 years old!) and loafers with the soles worn so thin you can actually see daylight when you look through them.

You'd think that a mature woman such as myself would find it easy to part with these garments, but as I stood holding those loafers over the trash can in the garage, I felt sad. I loved those shoes! They might be older than some of my nieces and nephews, but they always looked so chic, so elegant at work.

There's the problem. At work. My work now is at home, and I've vowed that in 2015, I'll start living for now, with a wardrobe and apparel choices that reflect now, not a longed-for past body, past memory or former career.

So let the great closet purge begin!  Below - the results of the closet purge, awaiting a trip to Good Will tomorrow.