Meet the Educational Guidance Institute and Its Return to Elegance

I made the acquaintance of Onalee McGraw via the magic of a Facebook group we share, and Onalee instantly reached out to me to introduce herself. I found I shared a love of classic film and music with her, and then she introduced me to her work via the Educational Guidance Institute. Talk about a return to elegance!

The Educational Guidance Institute uses classic films as a teaching tool for character formation in schools. What a magical, wonderful idea! Onalee looks at the timeless values inherent in some of Hollywood's best movies, and uses these to help young people understand and build a solid value system.

Do check out the work at the Educational Guidance Institute.

Recently, I saw the 1947 movie Odd Man Out with James Mason and it just haunted me, especially the ending. I won't give anything away, but let me tell you, what an emotionally gripping movie. It tells the tale of an IRA leader who accidentally kills a man during a robbery. He's wounded and wanders the streets of Dublin seeking sanctuary, and we watch him treated by various people ranging from a child who stumbles on him in hiding when she's searching for her ball to a bar tender and a painter. It's a brilliant film, and one that really engaged me.

I hope you enjoy learning about this new resource. Do check out some classic films on TCM while you're at it!