Wearing Skirts All the Time, an Update (and a Confession)

It's been a little over a year since I felt called/drawn to wearing skirts all the time, and I thought it might be a good time to give you an update of how things are going. It's also time for a little confession...

Summertime is always the easiest time for me to wear skirts. Skirts are cool and flattering, and easy to find. There's just something about summer that seems to call for long, flowing dresses, maxi skirts, sundresses...you name it, the stores have it!

It was easy to stick to my resolution during the summer months. On days when I felt I needed or wanted to wear slacks, say, because I was going for a long walk, I'd wear a pair of modest culottes from Modest Apparel USA. (If you have never checked out their website, and you are looking for modest culottes to wear instead of shorts, they are terrific and have good prices and customer service.)

Now that it's fall, however, I started to pull on blue jeans, especially on cold mornings. I have one pair of jeans without holes, so I went shopping and found two more. Despite my best resolutions, I bought them. I pulled on a pair to wear on a windy, cold and pouring rain Saturday only to find that some idiot who obviously hates women designed these things.

When I tried them on in the store, the waist was very loose. The tag said they were supposed to fit "just below the waist" which seemed fine. I prefer wearing clothing at the waist, but I figured I could just put a belt on the jeans and they'd fit better. I usually have trouble fitting my lower half since my waist is a full size smaller than my hips anyway (It's always been that way. Fat or skinny or anywhere in between, it's just how I'm shaped.)

I wanted to buy the old "classic" style of jeans I used to buy but couldn't find them in the store. I ended up with a pair of 'new style' jeans.

Imagine my shock when I pulled on my new jeans on Saturday only to find they didn't have belt loops. Worse, when I sat down, the stupid "sits below the waist" waistline dipped so low my whole backside was exposed. No wonder so many people are walking around with their underwear showing if this is what's in fashion. Ugh!

I tried pulling a long sweater over it, tried wearing a long t-shirt...but I still felt like I was mooning the world. I mean, come on, who designed these pants? What fashion idiot decided that dropping the back of a woman's trousers (or a man's, for that matter) was  GOOD IDEA?

I tried sewing belt loops onto the jeans, but when I pulled them on today, they still dropped like a saggy diaper.

Yes, that's my confession. I tried to wear jeans again and felt so uncomfortable by the "new" style that I relegated them to the bottom drawer yet again. There they will stay until it's gardening or clean the garage day, when I'll haul them out to get dirty. I'll be standing up anyway so it doesn't matter if the waist drops a bit low.

It's funny when you start wearing more modest, feminine clothing each day. It's really hard to go back to wearing any old thing. When you do pull on jeans, they feel funny. When you don't dress in a feminine manner, it no longer feels like "you."

When I first started wearing skirts and dresses all the time, I felt very "dressed up", as if I had to be very careful with my clothes. I've found that a longer denim skirt with an elastic waist and deep pockets (my favorite is from, yes, you guessed it, Modest Apparel USA) works just as well, if not better, than a pair of blue jeans. I'm wearing low hiking boots, thick socks, a denim skirt, Shaker sweater with scarf, and I feel comfortable, ready to tackle anything in the office or out on the farm today, and yes, warm enough for a cool (60) degree Fall day.

I splurged on pairs of tights and just saw both fleece-lined tights, leggings and leg warmers at the store this weekend. All should keep me nice and warm in skirts this summer. I have my eye on a corduroy skirt and dress, and would love more wool skirts if I can keep them clean.

I did succumb to temptation and buy jeans again, but never again. They just don't fit well, they feel funny, and well, they don't look very feminine!

So today, I am back to skirts. I've got my "outdoor gear" feminine outfit on. Bring on fall!