Watch the How Fashion DEVOLVES Over the Past 100 Years

Whoever is putting together these videos is a genius. I've seen the "100 years of bridal gowns" video, which shows a new style every 10 years. Then I encountered this gem. It shows on both a female and male model the past 100 years of fashion starting in 1915.

Watch the progression of fashion items on both the woman and the man. The producers chose, starting in the 1950s, to showcase more casual apparel for men, just fyi. A man in the 1950s would have been dressed similar to a man in the 1940s for work or church.

Do you notice something about the fashion? It DEVOLVES. Now, stick with me as I explain what I mean here....I'm not talking about matters of taste or aesthetics. I was struck by how "put together" everyone look in the the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s and on up until the 1970s. Even the 70s and 80s, however, looking more 'together' than the 1990s and today.

Look at how the women are dressed, coiffed, and made up in the past 100 years....up until the 1990s. There's an elegance even to the casual outfits, a sense of dressing up for going outside the home. Contrast that with the 2015 picture: ripped jeans, stringy hair, an unkempt appearance.

Here's the video I'm talking about. It's short. Isn't it amazing how fashion has de-volved over the years? Let's work together to bring back elegance!