Dressing Simply to Go Out

I find it peculiar that this even had to be said, but apparently, it needed to be said. A school principal requested that parents put on appropriate clothing to pick up and drop off their children from school. The result? A protest by some mothers who intentionally wore bathrobes, slippers and pajamas to school to drop their children off.

The original article: Headteacher Asks Parents to Stop Doing School Runs in Pajamas.

Respect yourself, and respect your child. Wear appropriate clothing to pick them up from school!

Why is it that the act of pulling on a pair of jeans and a normal shirt, pulling socks on your feet and tying your shoes should be seen as "too much to do" in the morning?

In olden days, men and women managed somehow to get themselves washed and dressed before emerging from their homes. Women had the house tidied up, breakfast on the table, and the children out the door to walk to school by seven or so. Moms walked their kids to school, came home, and either left for work or did housework...wearing clothing appropriate for the task.

Somehow, the notion of me-mine-I has completely taken over every aspect of life. This includes dress and clothing. The ladies who wish to wear pajamas all day feel that their comfort entitles them to wear whatever the heck they want, everyone else be darned.

Clothing isn't just about you. Yes, you should feel comfortable in your clothing, and beautiful, too. I'm not advocating for corsets and high heels all day long. I am advocating for the common sense notion that people who take a few minutes to pull on adult clothing and comb their hair show they have some sense of self esteem and self respect.

Clothing tells others in a matter of seconds many things about you. It gives subtle signals about what you think of yourself, you attitudes, even your social standing. We've moved from a world in which ladies and gentlemen dressed formally all the time to a world in which pajamas and flip flops seem to be standard adultwear. Neither is a healthy approach.

A return to elegance means a balanced approach to fashion. It means taking the time for your personal grooming. It means never, ever leaving the house,except maybe to pull out the trash or run the dog out on the lawn for a quick bathroom break,  in your pajamas. It means taking the time to wear beautiful, comfortable, and elegant clothing that reflects your dignity and value as a human being.

Besides, wearing pajamas in public can be embarassing. A woman I knew years ago once drove to the train station late at night to pick her husband up wearing only a baby doll nightie. It was late, she was tired, and she was already in bed when her husband called her for a ride. So she just jumped into the car wearing her baby doll night gown...and ended up in a car accident on the way to the station.

True story.

So, ladies who long for a return to elegance, let's support the notion that grownups wear grown up clothing when they leave the house. You can be comfortable and stylish, but please, be dressed!