Lands End Just Lost My Business

I'm sad, but not surprised, that Lands End has made the dubious marketing move of celebrating Gloria Steinen and donating to her foundation their catalogs. Life Site News has covered the story on their website. The American Conservative also just picked up on the story.

I'm sad because Lands End has always been my favorite brand. I'm sad because Lands End clothing exemplified my young adulthood. When I finally earned enough money to buy good quality clothes, Lands End was my preferred brand. I wore their dresses to work, and their jeans to the barn. My jackets, my hats, my sweaters...all Lands End. I even celebrated their exemplary customer service when a favorite turtleneck top split the seams. I called the company to request thread to match the color (it was an unusual shade of turquoise) and instead, the company sent me another top!

Teaching a workshop guessed it...Lands End clothing. I will no longer support their brand.

All of that, of course, is gone for me now. Lands End is now a brand I no longer support. Why? Because, quite simply...they've gone completely mad.

Lands End represented an upscale, outdoor lifestyle. It wasn't as outdoorsy as LL Bean with their scenic Maine catalogs, but close. Now, apparently Lands End thinks that their upscale customers support Ms. Steinem. This customer does not.

I've stopped buying Girl Scout cookies because of their love affair with Planned Parenthood. Much as I wanted to walk the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Fundraising walk, I didn't, because the Susan Kommen foundation is also an abortion advocate. Now I must, and I admit with regret, cross Lands End off of my list of favorites too.

Lands End, are you listening?

How many customers are you going to lose over this stupid marketing ploy?

Do you think you're going to gain market share?

I'm willing to suffer a very minor inconvenience of finding clothing elsewhere for the sake of keeping my hard-earned money out of the hands of Ms. Steinem's questionable foundation. Why, oh why, did you partner with them?

Steinem states she supports equal rights for women. All well and good. When the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in 1923, its sole goal was to promote equality between men and women. That is a good thing. What is not a good thing is that the law has now been used to promote equal abortion rights for women. It has been used to overturn parental consent laws and there is talk about using the ERA to urge states to broaden women's access to abortion.

I do not support this. I will not support this. I cannot support this, even with something as simple as a bit of my money going into a questionable charitable foundation run by a feminist who has been proud to announce she has had an abortion. (See the photo with the Life Site news article.

In the meantime...I may need to retire my beloved Lands End jacket. Well, it was time to look for a new one, anyway.

Vintage Coral for Fashion Friday

Think cat's eye sunglasses and big old Cadillacs with this outfit! The vintage style and cream and coral color combination make it a winner in my book. For a modest look, pop the sweater over the sleeveless dress. Happy #fashionfriday!
Vintage Coral

Vintage pink dress

Textured cardigan

Børn pink flat shoes

Valentino mid heel shoes

Pink bangle
$31 -

Nylon glove

Dorothy Perkins pink glasses
$7.13 -