Real Women in Fashion: True Beauty

Oh, how I love this video from fashion designer Carrie Hammer! If you don't know who Carrie Hammer is, she's a former advertising executive turned fashion designer. And she's the woman who sent real women down the runway wearing her fashions, including a model in a wheelchair, the first-ever to be on the catwalk during New York's Fashion Week.

This video is part of the TED Talks and it's worth the 18 minutes to listen to it. Carrie speaks about how the beauty we see in the glossy pages of fashion magazine is false - false to the point that 99% of all fashion images are manipulated beyond recognition. Twelve-year-old girls are dressed up to look thirty, and women wonder why they can't be that thin. Body parts are photoshopped onto models who lack smooth legs, or curvy shapes, or whatever the current fashion of the week is within the industry.

This is why I am passionate about a return to elegance - not fashion. Elegance speaks to women of all ages, sizes, colors, and shapes. You can be an elegant 50-year old black woman or an elegant 30-year-old obese white woman. You can be a 90- year- old elegantly taking tea with her granddaughters or you can be a 21-year-old elegant newcomer to the business world. Elegance is about how you carry yourself, your demeanor, how you put your outfit together, how you comport yourself.

Beauty is fleeting. Fashion is transient. Elegance is forever.

Watch the video below.