Vintage Pattern Reproductions

I make no bones about the fact that I'm in love with vintage everything, and for good reason. Today's shapeless sacks of poorly constructed fabric are about the most hideous things I've ever seen. I

 went to Belk's, the local department store, during the week to see if I could find a modest dress to wear during the winter. I found potato sacks. Literally, brown sack dresses with ill-defined waists. Who looks good in these things? I found one lovely dress, but unfortunately, it wasn't in my size. It had a gently defined waist, with slimming darts, and the fabric didn't feel like a strong breeze would tear it.

Vests are also apparently a "thing" - down vests, fur vests like Sonny and Cher used to wear in the early 70s. I repeat: who looks good in these things?

There are plenty of pants and jeans, but few skirts that didn't feel like they were made of tissue paper.

Then you look at clothing like this, and you sigh:

This is my collection of vintage reproduction patterns. I tried to make the dress on the far right, but really messed up the bodice, but I'll keep trying. My friend Helen and I hope to make the skirts on the far left over the winter.

Notice a few details on these patterns, even if they aren't to your taste:

  • The clothing is shaped for a woman's figure with a defined waist, A-line silhouette, and modest hemline.
  • The hemline itself is timeless and classic. True, it's a pattern, so you can adjust the hemline as you make the pattern. But two inches below the knee flatters almost every figure. 
  • The necklines offer interest and frame the face. On the skirts, they are paired with blouses that flatter the feminine form. 
I think that making my own clothes, while not the most practical course of action, may be the best course of action until the pendulum of fashion swings back to a more classic, refined and feminine style. I did score a lovely vintage jacket at the thrift shop, and am finding that a mix of decent-quality basics and vintage pieces is more in line with my current creative style. 

My friend and I hope to have a 'sewing marathon' this winter and spend some cozy time sewing up the skirt pattern. That's good news, especially for me, since I am such a beginner at sewing! I love the fact that I will have a more seasoned sewer by my side as I tackle these patterns.

The vintage reproduction patterns I purchased are available from the McCalls and Butterick. Sign up for their emails and they will alert you when patterns go on sale.