A Return to Elegance is my space to write about the intersection of faith, culture, style and fashion. We live in a world that seems to think "the uglier, the better." We have thrown out the principles of good design in fashion, art, and culture.

As a Catholic, and especially a Salesian (I am in formation to become a lay member of the Society of St. Francis de Sales, a "Daughter of St. Francis" without vows), I believe that beauty gives praise to the one who created us. God made the world beautiful, and we can share and celebrate beauty, elegance, grace, and style through the arts and culture through a balanced approach.

Is fashion the end all and be all of life? No.

Does how we dress really matter to God? Of course, God loves you no matter what you wear.

But when people dress up to go to clubs and bars and stumble into church in flip-flops, shorts, and beer-slogan t-shirts, something is wrong, deeply wrong.

So pour yourself a cup of tea or whatever beverage you prefer. Sit back and relax. Let's explore our Catholic faith and how we express it through style, art, culture, and manners. Let's find a return to elegance.