The Bathecary

I grew up in a home with one shower and two bathtubs. Everyone took baths - not showers. Only my brothers showered, or occasionally when we returned from Jones Beach to wash the sand from our skin and the salt from our hair. 

Today, however, you'd be hard-pressed to people who make long, lingering, relaxing baths a priority. And that's a shame. There is something primal, essential, healing about soaking in a warm to hot bath.

And of course, something...elegant.

As part of a return to elegance, this is my page to celebrate the joys of bathing - the bathtub, the soaks, the delightful bubbles, the saunas, the scrubs, the candles, the accouterments. I make it a priority to take a long, lingering bath - locking all seven cats out of the bathroom - at least once a week, more often in the winter. It is my retreat, my opportunity to relax and recharge.

Here, I invite you too to engage in the pleasures of the bath.