One woman's on a quest to return the world to elegance...one reader at a time.

I'm at right, with my sister, touring the New Jersey Botanical Gardens last fall. I was quite comfortable in my skirt outfit.

This blog started with a pair of ripped jeans.

I began working from home in 2007. Before that, I worked in corporate offices most of my career in very traditional industries. Dressing for success - beautiful pencil skirts, suits, dresses - came easily and naturally to me.

Ever since high school, I had loved fashion. I enjoyed reading fashion magazines, working in retail, and even getting my colors "done" to determine my personal style and colors.

But now, in my new role of farm girl and work from home writer? I had no idea what to wear. Learning to dress in an elegant, casual, modest way at home? Not so easy!

On any given day, you might find me at my desk writing my magazine column for Virginia Gardener, working on a novel, or attending meetings at the marketing agency where I work as a Vice President of Client Strategy. Or, my husband might call me downstairs to help him shift a fallen tree, change the oil in the tractor, or pull weeds from our fruit tree orchard.

You see, I moved from New York City to a 17 acre rural farm in Virginia. I had no idea how to dress for rural life except to wear what I wore when I cleaned horse stables back in New York - ripped jeans, baggy sweatshirts, battered old sneakers.

I didn't feel pretty. I sure didn't look pretty.

It was time for a change.

I picked up two books - Colleen Hammond's "Dressing with Dignity",and Linda Przybyszewski's book "The Lost Art of Dress."

Both books convinced me of several facts:

  • There is Biblical truth in the notion that women should wear skirts and dresses (at least most of the time, adapting for circumstances and the task at hand)
  • There is also sociological truth in the idea that women should wear skirts and dresses most of the time.
  • Until recently, everyone strived to dress their best - not dress their worst! - especially when they went out in public.
I really don't like today's "wear your pajamas outside" mindset. I feel that adults should dress like adults, down to actual shoes, not flip flops. 

I'm not against modern fashion, just against sloppiness, ugliness, and discomfort in clothing.

Ready? Let's return to elegance together!

About Me
I'm almost 50 years old. I'm not pretty, at least not in the conventional sense. I am tall. I am plus size. I have a long, square face and a big nose that I love because I inherited them from my beloved grandmother - I wouldn't change them for the world. I wear glasses because I am almost legally blind in one eye and cannot wear contact lenses.

I say all this because if you are expecting a fashion guru, an Instagram celebrity...let's just say you'll be disappointed.

What am I?  I'm pretty much any woman and every woman. The fashions I choose to share tend to flatter most women because I AM most women.

I'm a full time writer and consultant. I am married to my best friend, John, and have been married for 20 years. We have no children but I love mentoring my nieces, nephews, and young people from my neighborhood and church. I am Roman Catholic and a lay Daughter of Saint Francis de Sales.

My personal website is jeannegrunert.com